Apple and Paring Knife

Apple and Paring Knife
5" X 7"
oil on canvas

Well I've finally taken a big leap (for me at least) and set up my own studio in the corner of our dining room. I think the butterflies I get come from the fact that I can't lean on anyone else to help during the painting hours; any success or failures I have are mine alone.

So here's my first attempt, completed during my son's 2-hour nap. I really like painting apples and this combination of the paring knife and napkin is one of my favoirtes because it makes the apple ready to eat during cleanup. I am especially proud of the apple as it was neither red, nor yellow. Had I more time I think the napkin needs more detail. But that's to do another day - now it's time to enjoy my snack.


Carole Paquette said…
Charity, this is such a wonderful painting. I am very impressed with your tribute to snack time. You have a gift with both brush and pen!