Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More from Inktober!

I've been enjoying the challenged posed by Inktober as I learn the basics of inking.  The prompt list helps because it gets me out of my comfort zone in terms of what I would normally draw.  I've had opportunities to be more whimsical with illustrations for words like "weak" and "clock".  

I've tested my limits with words like "guarded" and "flowing".  

And I've had fun with the design work for "angular" and "cruel".  In each choice I've been trying to use as many ink techniques as I can, while still not going overboard. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Inktober 2018

It's October, or rather Inktober time!  Having followed it online last year, I was excited to join in this time.  I even signed up for a course on inking through

I began the first 2 prompts before I had started my inking course . . .and it shows.  I simply drew, and then traced in ink.  The prompts of POISONOUS and TRANQUIL were rather easy to think up drawings for.


  In between I filled pages of my sketchbook with what can only be described as chicken scratch as I tested different pens I had, different pens I commandeered from my 11year old, and the recently purchased Pentel brushpen - my trophy for the month, if I could only use it.  


So today's drawing, using the prompt ROASTED turned out like this!

I am still stunned at how just a little understanding can make such a drastic difference.  It makes me even more excited to continue!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Practice and a patience reminder

Some of this week's practice. I think it's safe to say I'm only just starting to realize how little I know. Getting a bit more comfortable with the 9-value scale. Slight progress with Bargue and measuring. But then I tried copying out of my Bridgman book and forgot to measure for part of it, more out of a lack of patience that evening than anything. I can hear my dad now, "Patience, young grasshopper!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sharpening pencils

I'm back in kindergarten.  I'm excited that I can sharpen a pencil!  It's an odd feeling for a grown person to have, but highly fulfilling at the same time. 

I have spent the weekend teaching myself how to sharpen pencils with a razor blade so I could achieve a finer point and more control over my lines.   The result, several types of blades and removed splinters later, is I have a few pencils that I can block in with and gradually build up my drawings.  I also have bandaids on my thumb and a pile of broken, half-sharpened pencils.  I think the only comparison that comes to mind are chefs in training that peel and slice pounds of potatoes for training.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Back in the habit again. . .

I have been discreetly practicing for the last 6 months.  Not that I was able to achieve the consistency I wanted, but I did manage to show up enough to keep myself going. Now my Bunny is 18 months and sleeping through the night . . .mostly.  She's achieved some semblance of routine and schedule and therefore I have as well.  So back to the drawing board, quite literally. 

Here is the practice for today.  Paul Foxton you make that shape replication look so easy!

I have lots of work to do on my arms wobbling again.  As you can see my lines are nowhere near straight. And my eye is having trouble with values, although that is partly due to the awful lighting in my closet/studio. 

This is my favorite challenge.   With violin practice there are nasty, torturing Kreutzer exercise; with drawing it's Bargue.  The parts I thought I had drawn correctly are completely wrong and the parts I thought were completely wrong are not so bad.  Time to get back in shape!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Upside down drawing #5 and 6

More Richard Scarry copied - Mr. Frumble and Lowly Worm!  I'm still having my drawings come out larger than the one I'm copying for some reason, but I've noticed my brain is now thinking in terms of angles and curves rather than upside down parts of a picture.  4 more of these and then on to negative space drawing!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More drawing upside down

Here are 2 more upside down drawing exercises I did from books gleaned from my kids' shelves.  I've turned them rightside up for the blog posting, but they were drawn upside down.  The first is a teapot from a family favorite called No Bath Tonight by Jane Yolen. 

And the second is from the inside cover of Cars, Trucks, and Things that Go by Richard Scarry.  I'm giving myself extra points for drawing Goldbug!