Painting Grapes 2

Well, it didn't quite turn out as I wanted but I'm declaring it done as I'm starting to see grapes in my sleep - however that could also be because when I do get to paint, I'm in my pj's and ready for bed. I like the overall color I got on the grapes, but wish I could tighten it up a bit more.  I'll have to buy a smaller brush for future work - (Oh darn!  A trip to the art store!!).

Of the many lessons I learned:
1) when reusing your canvas, make sure to even out the paint so the accumulation of paint from the old painting doesn't affect the new painting
2) make sure you have a good light source and decent background
3) take everything one step at a time and enjoy it all
4) become a better photographer
5) trust "da Papa"

In looking at this on the computer I noticed I forgot to finish 1 grape. Should I offer a Hershey kiss to the first one who finds it?