The challenge: to create a daily habit


Every so many months, I test my lifestyle to see if it is yet ready to support me painting more frequently.  I check the independence levels of my Thinker and my Happy Cricket to see if they will allow me to have more time without having the balance of the home tipped severely.

This time, I can feel the pressures mounting on both sides.  I have been given a stack of papers, each the size of a daily painting (roughly 6X6).  Just looking at them has me itching to feel charcoal on my fingers and revel in the smell of oil paints and turpentine.  So while I am certain that my Thinker and Happy Cricket would only tolerate so much of my attention being brought to this new direction, I am going to try and stretch myself with a challenge:

For the hour of time every afternoon known as quiet time, or possibly an hour in the evening as well, I will set the timer, turn on MY music, and allow myself to sketch on one of these pages.  The goal - to get myself and the others dependent upon me in the habit of my creating art and updating this blog on a daily basis.

Can I make it?  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . . . .