Abbey Ryan Workshop in Yardley!

This weekend I attended a workshop given by Abbey Ryan at Artists of Yardley.  And may I just say, "WOW!!"  It was phenomenal!!

I learned soooo much and am determined to apply it all . . . eventually.  Right now, I got the main concept of how she paints and the details will be filled in over time from my extensive notes.

Here are the works I did during the actual workshop.  The first is a line-up of figs.  I've never painted figs before and they have the same textured skin as a peach.  I find this very difficult to paint due to the matte quality and the deep tones.  What's more, I also received a challenge - paint them just touching each other, not overlapping, not one in front of the other.  It was a bit daunting, but then again it was a workshop - I was there to learn, stretch myself, and be a bit out of my comfort zone.

The second day I went back to the idea of 2 objects just touching, determined this time to get it right!  I think I managed it a bit better with the 2 oranges, but yet another aspect to learn became obvious to me - I need to learn how to see hard and soft edges.  But that's just how art is, isn't it? There's always something to learn!