Early Morning Pears

I've changed my schedule - something I always seem to be doing - to make way for more painting time.  Now, instead of sitting down to paint at the end of the day, if I have enough time and energy left over, I am waking up an hour earlier and painting first thing in the morning.  Yippeee!!!!!  And it helps that, by the time kids are tucked in and house picked up, I can do some yoga, destress, and go to bed.

So here are the first results of my early morning painting.  I went for bold colors but in a more realist style than the last pear setup.  My impressionist lessons helped because I wasn't afraid to take a risk with putting the color on the pears or in the background.  If these are the results I'm getting simply by switching my hours, I can't wait to see what a prolonged effort does!