A Practice Habit: Suzuki Method for Artists

This week was week 3 and it was a lot harder to fit in the practice than the first 2 weeks, but the need to practice is now definitely felt in my blood.  I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to establish a habit.  Consider it done!

It helped a lot that my Thinker and my Happy Cricket are learning piano and violin.  While I'm not doing strictly Suzuki method, I like the advice on practice that is given.  "Only practice on the days you eat!"  That's me with drawing.  I have to practice only on the days I eat.

The organization of Suzuki also makes me quite jealous.  There are these great practice charts for practicing things from 10 times to over 200 times.  They are great for my kids because it makes each practice time a game where you can cross something off or move a pawn forward whenever you play a rhythm or melody.  They also have a checklist for each level of fundamentals that need to be learned before moving on to the next level.  I wish art was this organized!

I have a general checklist of skills I need to improve and a basic idea of how good I should be at each one before moving on and adding in the next one.

  • Establish daily art practice
  • Be able to use the sight-size method accurately to create drawings.
  • Have the ability to see and match up values accurately.
  • Have the ablility to see, match, and mix colors accurately.
  • Transfer all the previous knowledge into an ability to paint.
Still copying each Bargue plate 1 time seems rather daunting, let alone 5-10 times.  I think I'll just keep going and doublecheck myself every couple of plates until I feel ready to move to the next item on my list.  Maybe I should just . . .