Daily Drawing Challenge

I recently accepted a challenge from Paul Foxton to draw every day for 14 days.  My first thought was, I do draw every day!! It's just not drawing in the artist-practicing manner.

Here's drawing on a plastic helmet from Goodwill to make my son's Luke Skywalker Flightsuit Helmet.  (I'm bound to have my creative limits tested at some point in October - it's Halloween time!) And I used a variation of sight-size!  I saw and I measured with my thumbs to make the circles even and the lines straight all the way around.

And I drew these for a Spanish comic book for my daughter!  No sight-size needed in this project, but a good deal of fun!
But here's my actual "serious" drawing for Day 1 (technically yesterday, so I'll have to step it up a bit and post another today).  In studying violin, there were nasty, torturing Kreutzer exercises.  In English studies, there was a constant dissecting of Shakespeare, "the Bard".  Now, there's "the Bargue" and my constant occupation with it's plates.  

The last day of the challenge is October 15th!  Will I make it? (cue dramatic music)