Drawing Challenge Update - Onward to Creative Triggers!

2 weeks ago I posted Paul Foxton's Drawing Challenge - to draw every day for 14 days and post those online on the Daily Art Practice Community on Google Plus.  I just learned I was chosen to be part of Paul's other online art community, Creative Triggers!!  This means I now have 2 online communities of "groupies" to talk art with and gain some moral support for endless Bargue sessions, as well as to receive advice on what my next move should be to keep me going and moving forward in my art practice.

Thank you to Paul for choosing me to join Creative Triggers!!  I promise I will be making the most of it!!

And thank you to all on the Google Daily Art Practice Community!! Without you and your encouragement, I would probably have been less consistent and more unsure of myself in each drawing session!

Now, onward! Time to get moving!  There's drawing to do!

I began today with a simple meditative exercise called breathing lines.

It's better than yoga for artists!!  All I could think of was, "There's no place like Om.  There's no place like Om!"

And after 5 minutes I was ready to tackle Bargue.  I'm copying the first 2 plates of Bargue again because the third plate gets more complex and I want to be sure I'm solid in the sight-size method and free of arm-wobbles when I get to it . . . . well, as free as I can be.

I must say a weekend of leaf-raking really helped out!  (Sometimes you have to break down and say people were rrrrr . . . they were rrrrrright.  This of course goes to she-who-must-not-be-named-a-third-time).  While the copy still could be better - it always could be better - I feel like I managed to do more copying and less correcting errors this time around.  I can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow!