Excuse from the sleep-deprived artist

Is it just me, or do 3-year-old possess some magical superpower making it easy for them to push their much larger parents out of bed?  For some reason, my Happy Cricket landed in our bed last night (I'm guessing because she instinctively knew Dad was home from his business trip and couldn't wait until morning to say hello).  Whatever the reason, I'm always the one that gets pushed off the bed or having her covers stolen and the result is always a night of semi-decent sleep.  It always amazes me that such a little body can have so much force when in comparison with my own that she wins the battle every time!

That being said, I awoke early this morning to get into my drawing groove and could not bring myself to do another Bargue drawing.  I don't want to bore everyone by doing 14 days on only plate 1-1, and plate 1-2 looked like this:
Kind of an intimidating task when tea has yet to reach the bloodstream!

So I settled on doing a drawing to make some frame of reference for myself when this all was over.  The result wasn't what I'd consider my best work, but I'm  thinking hoping I can attribute some of that to my eyes watering as I tried to wake up.

These are my daily dose of Bargue from last night.  My brain, which was scattered and on overdrive from a long day of homeschooling, did not kick in while I did the first trial, so I ended up doing it twice.  Being that Bargue already feels like taking a daily multivitamin (I know it's helping, but sometimes I don't want the reminder to do it) do I get twice the learning for making a second copy?