New perspective on drawing - mental perspective this time

Okay, I'm back!  After taking the weekend to put things into perspective, I managed to put some goals in front of myself that makes it clearer to determine what I'm striving for with all this daily drawing practice, while at the same time allowing myself to get in some painting (being that painting is becoming air to me).

Goals for last week of October/November:
1.  Become comfortable with determining angles using the sight-sizing method. (This includes exercise to get rid of the Wobbly Arms Syndrome that I have.  I noticed my right arm can measure steadily.  But unfortunately I draw with my left).

2.  Finish Bargue Plate 1-3.  (I have to get more of these printed out so it might take a week or so before I get to this one.  But I'll be going back over the other 2 until my arms stop shaking and I can make the initial marks on the paper steadily).

3.  Get used to completing 1 simple 5x7 painting a week - and no larger!  (This is mostly to help with my own impatience as I slowing improve my technical ability, without detracting from my focus on improving technically.  And it kind of eases my withdraw from that oil-paint smell.  Besides, I need to finish redecorating my jeans with splotches - can't stop now!).

That being said, I'm ready to go again!  Sometimes you have to take time off, gain some perspective, and listen to your mother, and all will be well again.