The Large Painting Project

Okay, it's been an age since I've posted.  But I've needed the break.  As usual I've tried to push myself until I'm taking on more than I can handle . . . or maybe I can handle it, but I don't feel like I'm doing the job well enough.

I've attempted to do a larger painting (
First, the still life.  Which was re-set up a second time half-way through the process after my daughter moved the basket wanting to use the apples for a picnic.  I even had to shift the fabric around the shadowbox, because it had been pulled on as a handle to get to the apples.  Ah the hazards of motherhood and painting!
Then I did a rough sketch.
And started in painting.  

This is my latest part - a 5x7 color study of the apple and pear.  I like how it turned out better than the actual painting!  While there's still a lot to clean up and finish up, I'm ready to take a break from this one.  The part about me not being ready is probably more my mental fatigue than anything else.  When I pick this up again, I will be finishing it!