January Challenge

Back in November I became a member of Creative Triggers, an online art practice community.  For the month of January there's a challenge to take a drawing of an iris and develop an original composition.  While there is a stipulation that copying another artists drawing or painting is ok, I prefer to copy from life - especially as the internet connection here is kind of slow and sporadic.

Now here I am enjoying the beautiful South American summer with my Bolivian family and there are roses blooming, and fuchsias, and lots of daisies and trumpet vines.  But there are no irises to be found.  No, I'm not asking you to take out your violins.  I have been copying irises from online when I can.

My best copy from Van Gogh:

I'm still working on copying from Monet.  And then I found that I had been walking past irises every day without even noticing; they are part of the entryway to the house.  I'll have to copy them next.

So I'm off to a good start. But I have to still make a composition.  I've got some thumbnails, but nothing definite yet.  Just more iris copying . . . Still 15 days to go!