Lincolnville, Maine Plein Air

The sun was shining.  The ocean was that gorgeous bright blue that makes you stare at it for hours.  And it was about 15 degrees with wind.  Here I learned one of my first life lessons for Plein Air painting - always paint away from the wind on cold days.  I didn't.  And I had the watering eyes to prove it.  Still the view made up for any discomfort . . . for about an hour.

When the shouts of "Get the Pirates!"  from my 2 kids playing on the beach died down, and it was time to restore feeling to my hands and feet, I packed up and made my move to the car.  It was then that I got my second life lesson in Plein Air painting - always hold on to your painting as you bring it to the car or the incredibly real landscape you painted will literally become part of the painting.  The wind blew it from my hand and it landed face down in the sand.  I was glad when most of it fell off, but a few specks remain for removal later
.  Oh the joys of being a novice plein air painter!