Plein Air Painting in the Backyard

Plein air painting again!  This time in the backyard.  Ignore the white blob on the top corner; it's from a clamp I couldn't get back off the canvas.  Found some problems with the pochade box I need to get fixed.  1) I need more space for mixing colors.  It's a really small box.  2) There's no clamp for the canvas, so I used this giant green clamp that Pete lent me.  The only problem was, I couldn't move it by myself.  It was too stiff.  
Oh well, live and learn!

I also noticed I started massing this one in too dark a value.  More adventures to come as I figure it all out! 

 Here's the view from the backyard.
The same view, slightly closer.

Peter Yesis, master painter, at work  on his plein air study.