Hey where's the art?!

8 x 10
Oil on canvas board

Okay, it's been 2 posts now with lots of talk but no artwork.  And so here it is.  I pulled out an old painting I had started several years ago.  It was a good idea for a still life and I liked the contrast of the bold colors with the starkness of the eggs.

So I decided to try it again, but this time using my DIY At Home Art Atelier (I just made up the name, it's really just homeschooling for artists/moms).  I adjusted the composition and began with a basic pencil sketch.  And then made a grisaille painting, focusing on the values and the use of paint.

Then I made another painting in color.

I was shocked at the results!  It was like putting on glasses for the first time!  I'm definitely learning more through this method than if I had simply painted the color version.  I am beginning to see the values and the color temperature, and I'm learning that there's so much more I can do with the paint based on it's thickness or thinness and mixing it with medium.  Just a few corrections and touches and I'll be declaring this one done.

My Happy Cricket, who watched me through the entire process, often falling asleep on her purple beanbag chair while we listened to Beethoven, chirped to me, "One day I can use your paints Mom, and then my pictures will look just like yours!  And then I'll be a paintist too!"  I'm loving that, even with declaring my own time to work "away from my children", they're still there enjoying it with me and we're all being enriched through the process.