Master of Regrouping

When you're a parent you have to regroup regularly.  Regroup due to children getting tired and cranky sooner than expected.  Regroup because there are toys all over the house and the system of organization just isn't working.  Regroup because even though there have been things to eat all day, your child or children have refused to touch any of it and are now in low blood sugar mode.

Not all regroupings are negative experiences either.  There's regrouping because instead of the plans for the day, your son discovers a praying mantis on the window screen and wants to know all about them.  There's regrouping because your daughter has woken up "with songs inside" and they have to be worked out by dancing with Mom.  And there's regrouping because it's a rainy day and snuggling on the couch with tea reading and listening to endless books and audiobooks just seems to be working magic on everyone.

Needless to say, after two month-and-a-half trips in South America this year, we need to regroup before settling down for an extended period at home.  Children's rooms get cleaned, clothes get sorted through and given away, and oh yeah, that room known as my art studio gets cleared of dust and cobwebs and filled once more with the delicious smells of oil paints, mineral spirits, charcoal, pencils, and paper.

Now I'm ready to begin . . . just need one more regrouping . . . and the daily schedule has space for my art practice!   While I'm ever cautious of upsetting that balance between loving-homeschooling-stay-at-home-mom and independent-person-with-an-art-career, I am sensing that now is my chance.  My Thinker and my Happy Cricket are growing up.  Their increased independence and understanding is allowing me to rework the daily schedule with actual time for my art.  Yes, it comes with some retraining on their part - how to find their own snacks, how to coexist for an hour while my attention is elsewhere, and how to entertain themselves during that lazy, "I'm bored", phase of the day.

Too bad there isn't an instant click-on-the-button solution for regrouping, or I'd be there already.  In the meantime, happy painting!