Feeling Missish, part 2 - slow progress

There are certain unspoken laws of Mom-dom, that cannot be changed:

1)  The one night you have plans for yourself after children are asleep, is the night neither child will be able to get to sleep.

2)  If your child/children are playing quietly it doesn't matter how absorbed they are or how far away in the house you are, if you begin to talk on the phone they will need you immediately and come find you. 

3)  If you say you're starting a project or new routine, life will inevitably throw something in your way to make it harder during the first 2 weeks.  

For me all three of these rules have been upheld this week.  As a result, I have made slow progress on my painting.  The good news is, I have made some progress as opposed to giving up completely.  Having finished the grisaille portion, I began a painting in color overtop this time.  I'm trying to gauge which works better for me - painting over the grisaille, or painting in color while still looking at the grisaille.  So far I'm liking the build up of paint in painting over the grisaille, and matching the values is easier.  But I am missing having the grisaille reference right next to the color painting for reference with edges and contrasting values.  There seem to be pros and cons for either.  

And now, of all things, I cannot find my smallest brush to do detail work.  I think it must have rolled under or behind the shelf.  Or perhaps been taken by little fingers that like to feel things and carry them off without meaning to.  Maybe I'll get a chance to search for it later.