Grisaille #11-15

I received an impromptu lesson before I made these and I think it really shows.  It was about the build up of paint to help pull objects forward, making them more 3D in form and showing the planes of each shape.

One of the things I've needed to work on is the perception of depth especially when placing one item in front of another.  Looking at the benchmark I made in the beginning, you can see that the eggshells in the foreground seem to disappear into the space where the very solid porcelain bowl should be.  It's almost as if the porcelain bowl (in my painting at least) bends itself out of the way to give the eggshells more space.  It's almost the same reaction one would see if a very loud person made their way into a group of quiet introverts.  Everyone would retreat backwards to maintain their space around the louder person.

But I've been making this happen in all of the previous grisaille paintings and have now started using a build up of paint to pull objects forward and really show their surfaces or planes.  Here are the latest 5.

I started this one wanting to have the texture of the basket and have finished it realizing how much work I need to do on perspective.  But my initial goal of having the 2 apples appear to be more 3D in shape and definitely sitting in front of the basket without intruding on the basket's space has happened.

I'm going to call this benchmark #2! I made my goal of having the pears keep out of the space of the vase.  And I also kept my brush strokes looser while still maintaining the values.  My inner critic is not allowed to comment until I make another of similar quality.

A much better re-make of the one I made earlier (#10, but not).  

A change in perspective to work on ellipses.  While I like that I kept looser brush strokes, the errors in perspective are screaming at me.

Perspective again . . .   I might even throw this one out of the count (still debating). Well, at least I know the next lesson!  15 down, 85 more to go . . .