Grisaille #6-10

In continuing with my grisaille education/challenge, I've managed to complete 6 more this past week.  Of course, I realize I'll have to double up on the painting if I'm to finish 25 for this month.  But I think I can do it. 

With the first 5, I noticed I was learning how to complete paintings in about an hour's timeframe.  And I was starting to notice how to build a 3D form and I was starting to see 4 basic values to block off the main shapes of a painting.

With these 5, I've been working on using a broader brush for the majority instead of the smaller one I used for #6

I managed to do alright in the next few paintings.

Then I did this one.  And I knew I was a little distracted by a certain 4yo asking questions, but I didn't realize how much until the hour was over and I saw my result.  I decided I wouldn't use it as #10 since I can do better.   

Here's number 10.