#36 and a new palette

I painted this one in grisaille first and then matched the values as I painted in color over the grisaille.  With 2 stages of painting it's taking longer to finish one, and is making me alter my painting schedule.  Since the color portion required more concentration at this time, I find it works best to paint it in the morning.  So I do the grisaille part the night before and let it dry.  I still should be able to finish a painting a day (within reason), and have a bit of time to post it, at least that's the plan.

This was the first test of my new palette of colors: napthol red, cadmium orange, cadmium yellow medium, permanent green, ultramarine blue, quinacridone violet, and titanium-zinc white.  It's also my first use of medium, although not that much of it.  I used Gamblin's Solvent Free Gel-Medium.

Wanting some simplicity so I could focus on the use of paint, I think it's a good first try.  But after all this time with just grays, I'm ready for some color.  Maybe in the next one . . .