#38 & 39 in Grisaille

I have a new set up!  Thank you Paul Foxton!  I've created my own Munsell-style value scale and started using a cardboard square (picture mat) to frame my setup while I'm painting.  It's helping a LOT!  I'm able to see the setup a lot more clearly just from the initial sketch, and that in turn makes the values able to be pinned down a bit more easily.

Of course, some things haven't changed.  I'm still working too wet with the paint and as a result I'm rubbing out all of my values until they're, as so eloquently put by my children, just "making a gray blob painting".  So now, before I can move onto painting these 2 in color, I have to go back and correct values.  Well, values . . .  (sigh) . . .  and ellipses.