Grisaille #21-24

I am winding up the first 25 and for the last 4 thought I'd focus on some smaller objects that I wanted to try to paint.

For #21 I zoomed in on a bulb of garlic.  I don't think I zoomed in quite enough.  Next time I'll sit closer too.

For #22, the zooming in worked out a bit better.  I stuck with main values and didn't get detracted by each individual line on the clam shell's pattern.  This one was a fun break from apples and tea.

#23, I went for a fun, hang-the-grapes-off-the-table-edge setup.  But then I got into playing with the grapes and killed off the values in a slow and painful death.  Or as my Cricket was happy to chirp in my ear, "It was good Mom, and now it's gray!"  I'll listen next time!

#24 back to tea.  It's what I know and love!  I went a bit too dark with the value in the glass, but I like how the lid turned out and the wooden honey-dipper (what are those called anyway?). And I like the way I got the metal lid and bottom edge of the tea tin.

Next up, #25 and a benchmark!