One cup, 2 cups, red cups, blue cups

It was Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd.  My son had Dr. Seuss Day at school and here at home all the books came off the shelves, the audiobooks playing over and over and silly rhymes peppering our conversations.  So with Dr. Seuss on the brain and a suggestion to copy more of Carol Marine's paintings with cups, I began.

Here is one cup (#40 in my 100 count).  I was trying not to blend my brushstrokes as much, but it's a disease not easily gotten rid of.  

 Two cups (#41). Red cups and blue cups to come.  I included the initial contour sketch since it's this month's challenge for the Creative Triggers art community.

 I really liked how it turned out.  But again, still striving for less blending and more confidence with one brush stroke.  I know - it can take a lifetime to get there!