Red Cups

While I usually talk about how I'm doing at painting, I've found it difficult this last week.  My painter's space has been more than invaded, it's been shut down for the week.  But then again, such is the nature of my other job . . . Mom.  I am glad I finished this one, although I'm only now realizing that I didn't take a picture while this was in the grisaille stage.  I'll fill you in - it was good!  I liked how the grisaille turned out better than the painting in color.  Although, I must say, a bunch of red paint really is fun to work with!  It definitely cheered me through a tough week of kids being sick.  

And now I have my reward - a new art video by Lori Putnam, Bold Brush Strokes and Confident Color.  I think I'll go watch it before I set up my next painting. . . .