Painting, Painting, Painting - #47

I have realized the number of paintings I have produced has gone down in the last couple of weeks.   However, I have still been painting.  I've painted walls, and doors, and ceilings.  Nothing seems to say fresh clean house like a new coat of paint!  And I have a particular affinity to buttery yellow walls and a red front door.  

All that use of painting supplies paid off in this case!  I managed to not become too tight on the can of paint and paintbrush while still getting most of the edges right.   I need a few touch-ups before I'm completely satisfied with this one - the bottom right of the paint can, and the right hand side of the yellow color card got smudged.  Still not sure what I need to do about the shadow in the background to get the strokes not to show as much.  I didn't use glaze on them in this case, and the strokes are still highly visible.  Overall a success.  Almost to 50!