Plein air at Valley Forge

It's spring and guests are flowing through our house.  The good part about having so many guests is that they all want to see the sights of Pennsylvania.  So we went to Valley Forge for a long picnic/playtime/painting time.  While my usual mini-assistants were busy riding scooters and playing soccer and trying to climb the biggest tree they could find, I got out my paints and had some fun.  

In the end, I'm giving myself a 4/10 because my painting at least resembles what I was looking at.  However, I need to get organized in how I approach painting plein air.  For some reason I get outside and I have no idea where to begin or how to proceed.  I think it's partly due to the fact that I'm on visual overload.  In the studio there's a very focused point for me to look at to paint still lifes.  Once outdoors there's a 360 degree panorama.  Then, after I narrow it down, I can't always make up my mind about what I want to capture, and the light shifts constantly, and I loose track of my train of thought.  I think a few more random outdoor painting sessions and I'll get myself into a routine of how to paint outside, and then I can start improvements.