Spring Showers and #46

It's spring at last!!  My new Strada easel has arrived after a month of waiting, and after 3 months of studio painting I am ready to head outdoors.  And then I remember it's April.  I know April showers will bring the flowers I'll paint in May, but could I please have a couple days of sun? With nothing else to get in my way of painting? Please?  The answer is apparently no, it's going to continue raining.  So I'm curling up with tea and good books and finishing another of my 50 studio paintings before moving on to plein air!  These books are my next good read - A Biography of Victor Hugo, as written by one who witnessed it.  And, of course, I have more tea in my veins than blood at this point.

I took a chance on this one and skipped the grisaille step, trying to see if I could get all I have learned in one shot. (Please note the emphasis is on "trying").  The shadows in the back eluded me to such an extent that they became a chalky mess, and perspective . . . .ah perspective, one day I will understand you!  In the meantime I'm giving myself a barely passing grade and recommending a do-over.