Thinking of Tuscany and slowing the pace a bit- #48

I decided that I need to slow down on each painting.  For some reason having 2 stages of each painting helps me step back and see what I am missing.  Even if I skip the grisaille step and go right to painting in color, I still have to take the painting in stages.  Stage 1: Sketch and block in the shadows.  Stage 2: Block in the light and work on the details.  This is the setup after stage 1.

Then I went on to stage 2, and thought I had completed this painting.  I went through my checklist softening edges, readjusting values, and warming and cooling colors.  I almost covered everything . . . . almost.  I forgot one little detail on the checklist of "Is this painting finished?"  Yeah, you got it . . . my arch-nemesis, perspective.  In case you were wondering, it's now in block letters at the top of the critiquing list, followed by everything else.  Well, that's why this is #48, not #100.  But when I get to 100, perspective will be a little easier . . . I hope.