#49 and 49 again and again!

Ok, I've come to some very solid rules about painting lately.

#1, if you mess up on a painting, it is far better to wipe it off than to keep on trying to fix it.  Things tend to get bigger as you fix them - like the lid and spout on my coffee pot.

So then I went back to grisaille to triple check my perspective and values.  It turned out pretty well!  And I learned rule #2 - worn out children's socks are great rags for wiping off your palette.  

Back to color, I have learned steadfast rule #3 - don't paint if you're going to get impatient.  You'll be more likely to keep painting over and over something and then you end up in that vicious cycle you started with - making too big and repainting.  So I'm stopping here, even though I can see numerous touch-ups.  I'll make them at a later date when I don't have such a burning desire to paint something else.