#55 Depth by Perspective

More apples
Oil on canvas panel

Vacation is over.  Travels are done.  Children are both in school.  Time to get back to work.  

I went into the studio this morning and picked up right where I left off in my 100 count, and with the same still life set up.  The difference is that I moved 2 steps to the right, and several steps back before painting it.  The perspective changed dramatically.  The horizon lowered and allowed for more depth in the perspective.  Here they are side by side, #54 and today's #55. 


While there is depth due to perspective, I had to really work hard not to cancel it out by painting everything the same color temperature or paint thickness.  A couple edges to clean up and soften, but I'm giving myself an A for a good first painting back.  I'm hoping the next one will be even more dramatic in it's depth.