#56 - Apples, ghosts and depth

Still more apples
oil on canvas panel

I've been discovering depth in painting.  And today, while I started late and didn't have my full 2 hours (only 1 1/2), I still managed to make some progress.  See the apple in the back?  It's not really painted in there!  I painted it, then wiped it off.  Then painted everything else and touched it up a bit with very thin paint.  The result is really cool!  It made it recede, creating even more depth in the painting.  

Now, in not having the whole of my allotted morning painting time, I am forced to put this painting aside for a little while as life takes over once more. But I think that once it dries a little, and I go back into it to make adjustments, I'll be able to dramatically increase the perception of depth.  I'm going to stew on it and maybe go enjoy some of the other apples I have because after staring at them all morning, I'm hungry.


mec said…
That painting (and the one on perspective that I saw a while ago) looked so good I thought you were promoting a site for lessons in painting so I didn't bother to go to it. I'm glad I went to this and found out it's your blog. I'll be sure to follow it! Now I don't have to miss you so much. (: