#65 - The Form of Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, and Garlic
oil on canvas panel

I'm starting to discover that inspiration for still lifes can be found anywhere.  These are the main ingredients for a supper I had planned this week - butternut squash soup (it is fall and soup weather after all).  While my 2-hour time limit that I usually spend on a painting wasn't enough to truly finish each item to the degree I would have liked, I still managed to build the shape relatively well while maintaining the background's depth.

More on building form and keeping the depth of the background.  This time, once again, I completed the quick 3-value sketch before moving on to color and paint.

Then I blocked in the basic colors and began to build the form of the vegetables again.  Over all, I impressed myself with being able to show some of the basic form in all three stages of the painting.  And until the soup actually gets made and eaten, I may have time to make another still life.