30 in 30 Begins - Meet Fuzzymuffin!

Meet Fuzzymuffin.  My Happy Cricket came up with the name.  All the squirrels and chipmunks she meets are our pets.  This is after he ate all of the birdseed in our feeder and kept poking his head out the top, staring at the kitchen window.  He seemed to be demanding more food, not that he needed it - a fatter squirrel you never saw!

It seemed fitting that this was my first painting for Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 September challenge.  My focus is to practice illustration.  I don't think I could have picked a better first character!

While I drew it last night, I had painted it today while at the park with my kids.  I even had "help".  My Bunny, always wanting to be a part of everything, whether she can or not, climbed over me to grab my book.  Her fingerprints are still part of the final.  She eventually settled down to be my painting buddy.  Here she is studiously "painting" her book as well.


Kim Yesis said…
Great start! Love your little companion.