Back in the habit again. . .

I have been discreetly practicing for the last 6 months.  Not that I was able to achieve the consistency I wanted, but I did manage to show up enough to keep myself going. Now my Bunny is 18 months and sleeping through the night . . .mostly.  She's achieved some semblance of routine and schedule and therefore I have as well.  So back to the drawing board, quite literally. 

Here is the practice for today.  Paul Foxton you make that shape replication look so easy!

I have lots of work to do on my arms wobbling again.  As you can see my lines are nowhere near straight. And my eye is having trouble with values, although that is partly due to the awful lighting in my closet/studio. 

This is my favorite challenge.   With violin practice there are nasty, torturing Kreutzer exercise; with drawing it's Bargue.  The parts I thought I had drawn correctly are completely wrong and the parts I thought were completely wrong are not so bad.  Time to get back in shape!


Kim Yesis said…
Keep at it! It'll pay off!