Inktober 2018

It's October, or rather Inktober time!  Having followed it online last year, I was excited to join in this time.  I even signed up for a course on inking through

I began the first 2 prompts before I had started my inking course . . .and it shows.  I simply drew, and then traced in ink.  The prompts of POISONOUS and TRANQUIL were rather easy to think up drawings for.


  In between I filled pages of my sketchbook with what can only be described as chicken scratch as I tested different pens I had, different pens I commandeered from my 11year old, and the recently purchased Pentel brushpen - my trophy for the month, if I could only use it.  


So today's drawing, using the prompt ROASTED turned out like this!

I am still stunned at how just a little understanding can make such a drastic difference.  It makes me even more excited to continue!