New Year's Resolutions . . . or in this case goals to achieve for 2014

I never was one to celebrate the New Year.  I grew up thinking it just like any other day; you just go to sleep and you wake up in a new year.  And I'm definitely not used to making resolutions.  But in the 10 years I've been with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I've learned to value the combination of business and art mentalities.  Now, for the first time I'm using the New Year to set my goals.

I'm not calling them resolutions, because if I've learned anything from living with my husband/manager/all-time CEO, it's that goals and resolutions differ drastically.  Resolutions are like an intent to do something, while goals can be measured and tracked to see if you're on course.   For example, for this year, I usually would say something like "I'm going to get better at drawing and painting", thinking it's a goal.  But I'm now understanding that, while it shows my intention, it is not measurable or showing how I'm going to get better.

So I refined it as follows:
1.  To be consistent with my art practice and the upkeep of this blog.
2.  To complete 10 paintings - (I was going to say 12, but as January is half over and I already won't be able to paint until mid-February, I think keeping it to a simple 10 is good for now).
3.  To build up my technical skills, especially those involving seeing values.

Of the 3 goals I set for myself, consistency is probably the hardest.  It means I have to pace myself and make sure I don't overwork and burn out, or allow myself to be distracted by the other aspects of my life.  Difficult, but not impossible.

Of course, you're probably wondering why I've posted my goals online.   Well, now I have no choice but to follow through and also everyone can track my progress.  I'm ready to get started!  Happy 2014!