Feeling Missish

I woke up this morning feeling girly.  Maybe it's from the date I just had with my husband. Or perhaps it's from the large quantities of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell I've been exposing myself to lately (aren't audiobooks great while painting?  Thank you Librivox!).  But of course, Jane Austen would call it "being missish".

I love how my setup today unintentionally mirrors how I feel.  For some girls, it's lipstick and nailpolish.  Others like perfume, jewelry, or wearing skirts.  For me, when I'm feeling missish, I think of setting up a nice tea and listening to classical music.

I started the process slightly differently this time.  Instead of drawing with graphite or charcoal first and having the grisaille being my second study, I went for it and sketched directly on the canvas with the paintbrush.  I got about halfway through the painting before my brain started losing its sense of value.  Time for a break and more tea!  I might have to rethink my audiobook though; my Thinker has come running up to me as I emerge from painting space, begging to listen to a book by Roald Dahl.